postheadericon Don Bullard and His Well-Founded Insurance Agency


For more than 4 decades of working as a notable insurance agent, Don Bullard has never seized to uphold his passion and dedication to deliver only the best performance in all of his professional endeavors. His tremendous success in this field of specialization can be attributed to his comprehensive educational profile. From time to time, Bullard also successfully earned insurance certifications and accreditations. As of now, he is a certified Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC), Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL), and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). With all of these degrees, there is no doubt that Bullard possesses all the necessary skills and values that will help him continuously elevate the status of the insurance agency he established in 1972 – the Don Bullard Insurance.

Prior to the establishment of the said insurance agency, Bullard started his professional life as a soldier sent to Vietnam for more than 4 years. He then worked as a helicopter pilot for two years, and was later on promoted as a Captain at the age of 22. Throughout his military career, he was able to garner numerous awards and honors from the US Armed Forces. Among these awards are the 35 Air Medals, 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, and Bronze Star. He unfortunately got wounded in one of the battles he participated into, which made him decide to end his army service at that time.

When Bullard entered the industry of insurance plans, he did a short review on the standards and several important methodologies on running an insurance agency. He then founded his own agency and served as the leading insurance agent, bearing his leadership skills gained as a Captain during his military years. He also pursued continuous education regarding this industry and that is why he was able to pass the requirements for the CHFC, CASL, CPCU, and CLU certifications. As the agency’s President, he has also been committed to impart his expertise as well as his core principles to the people working with him. He has conducted seminars and trainings, every now and then, to further enhance the knowledge and skills of his employees. He also schedules a regular meeting with his fellow leaders in the agency to work together in coming up with a new set of strategic plans for the company’s thriving from one growth stage to another. Hence, the Don Bullard Insurance has never failed to meet the demands of valued clients.


postheadericon Latex Mattresses: Getting More Than Just A Good Night’s Sleep

There is a very important reason to be picky about the kind of bed you sleep in. The average person spends about a third of a lifetime sleeping. The type of bed – or more specifically, the mattress – that you sleep on has a direct long term effect on the condition of your neck, shoulders, spine, lower back, hips and even knees. Mattresses that are too soft and pliant or too firm can lead to backaches and joint problems. Low quality mattresses also tend to collect dust, dead skin cells and other organic debris that could later cause allergies. Thankfully, these issues do not arise with latex mattresses.

A latex has remained popular for decades for good reasons. Latex is made from natural rubber, the thick, sticky sap collected from the eponymous tree. The milky white substance is whipped to incorporate air and form a foamy mixture, which is then subjected to heat and vulcanized to produce the solid yet flexible latex or foam rubber. The result is a soft, supple material that can be formulated to achieve a certain amount of firmness and resistance. A latex mattress has the ability to retain their shape and form, providing much-needed support for the neck, spine, lower back and knees.

What makes a latex superior to other kinds of mattresses is that it is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people who have existing allergies or those with extra-sensitive skin. Because it is made from rubber, it does not attract dust mites and harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi. Latex mattresses also tend to adjust well to body temperatures to ensure to keep you comfortable. In the colder months they help keep the body warm and during warmer months they help keeping the body cool. Latex mattresses contain millions of tiny holes that allow air to circulate within the material, so it aids in the evaporation of body moisture in the form of sweat. The result is maximum comfort during sleep.